About Me

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor 

Hi! My name is Viraj, a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor & Content Marketer. I am originally from Pune, Maharashtra, India and currently residing in Pondicherry. I am a level 2 cost and management accountant who jumped out of the rat race and have been trying out things with my life since then.
Currently, I am working as an Open Water Scuba Instructor & Content Marketer for Temple Adventures, a PADI 5 star dive resort based in Pondicherry.
I have a couple of years of experience in scuba diving, content writing, digital marketing, photo/video editing & business management.
I aspire to work towards the conservation of the environment and look forward to base my work around the same. Since childhood, I have been a wild child who simply loves being around nature, walking barefoot, climbing trees or just be around animals! Humans are overrated! :p
As I said, I simply love staying close to nature. Scuba diving and hiking are the two activities I highly enjoy as I feel at home, I’m not much of a concrete jungle person! I also love photography, travelling, callisthenics, running, reading & cooking. 


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